Franklin Electric 507700 Submersible Sump Pump 1/3 Hp

Franklin Electric 507700 Submersible Sump Pump 1/3 Hp

  • Integral IntelliSwitch with no moving parts for the most reliable automatic on/off operation
  • Thermoplastic motor housing and base
  • 1-1/2″ center discharge allows for suspended installation from sump basin cover
  • 1/3 hp, 115 volts
  • Package:1/EA

Sump Pump is an innovative alternative to the traditional submersible sump pumps. This pump features a solid state “IntelliSwitch” automatic switch and alarm circuit that eliminates the potential hang ups seen with float switches. 1/3 HP permanent spilt capacitor motor Non-corrosive construction Designed to be installed suspended from basin cover; leg kit raises pump 2-1/4″ (5.7 cm) Mechanical seal Upper and lower single row ball bearings Solid state switch for automatic operation
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