Pentair FP0026-6D-P2 Parts 2o Sump Pump Check Valve

Pentair FP0026-6D-P2 Parts 2o Sump Pump Check Valve

  • Fits sump pumps with 1-Inch to 14-Inch discharge
  • Prevents water in discharge line from draining back in sump when pump is not running
  • Flapper type valve requires minimal unseat pressure
  • May be plumbed with accordion sump discharge hose, polyethylene PVC, or galvanized pipe
  • Complete installation instructions included

About the Flotec FP00266D Valve, 11/4″ or 11/2″ Check Valve Thread In Direct Connect for Sump Pumps For use with rigid pipes, the FloTec FP00266D is a check valve for sump pumps that can stand the test of time. Flotec products and tools are made to last and this check valve is no different. It prevents the backflow of water into the sump pumprsquo;s pit to ensure excellent performance at all times and you can be sure that this product will do its job well and do its job for quite a while before
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