EarthStraw “Code Red” 150 Foot Hand Well Pump System

EarthStraw “Code Red” 150 Foot Hand Well Pump System

  • Durable, lightweight, portable
  • 150 foot kit weighs only 25 lbs
  • Easy to uninstall & store or transport
  • 7/8″ Dia fits any well. Lifts water up to 150 feet vert
  • Freeze protected. GPM similar to average household faucet. Made to order w/ 2-3 week lead-times. Made in the USA!

EarthStraw is an affordable, reliable RAPID DEPLOYMENT hand well pump systemFits almost any well and installs beside existing pump in minutesInstalls temporarily or permanently & stores indefinitelyComes in 50, 100 & 150 ft kits or Custom Lengths to 170’Ideal system length is “well depth – 10 feet”. SELECT A PUMP, THEN CHOOSE THE APPROPRIATE MOUNTING BRACKET:EarthStraw Casing Clamp with Pump Gripper (rapid mounting to the well casing)EarthStraw Mounting Bracket with Pump Gripper (mount to existi
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$ 778.80

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